How to: Create Spring Prints with Inktense printing

by Cass Art

The Derwent Inktense Printing Set is a perfect introduction to block printing. No cutting tools and bits of lino lying around, it’s very simple and it's easy to give it a go. With the kit all you need a pad of paper and water and you’re ready to go.

Step 1

Dream up your design and impress it on the foam squares provided using the embossing tool.

Step 2

Once your design is complete, spray water over the foam square using the Spritzer provided.

Step 3

Apply the colour! You only have to rub very lightly for the colour to come off the Inktense Blocks onto the foam square. There are tons of effects you can experiment with at this stage from colour mixing, lighter areas of colour through lifting colour back off the foam with a sponge, or adding additional textures by pressing fabrics into the foam too.

A word of warning: the Inktense Block colour is permanent so protect your clothes while working. On the other hand - this means you can also use this kit to print on fabric; from t-shirts to tote bags.

Step 4

Carefully place the foam face down on a piece of plain paper, you can use thicker paper (like our Cass Art Cartridge Pad) to assure that the surface won’t warp when it gets wet.

Step 5

Ensure that the foam square stays in position with one hand, and with the other roll the roller provided over the foam square firmly.

Step 6

Carefully lift up the foam square to reveal your beautiful print.

You can make endless prints by reapplying colour each time, or creating new mixes of colour. Don't worry if the foam square stains - it shouldn't affect your printing. This kit contains three blank foam squares to get started with. These can also be cut down with scissors to get more prints or work to a smaller surface area. If you need additional foam squares - simply visit one of our shops.

Feeling Inspired? Have a go with the Derwent Inktense Printing Set and don’t forget to share them with us using our social photo tool, on Facebook or twitter. Additionally we have an extra video below for more information on block printing with the Derwent Inktense blocks:

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