How to make your own Sock Monster

by Cass Art

They live in washing machines, wardrobes, bedside tables and nooks and crannies and only come out at night. When they do, these furry little beasts are simply terrifying, for they are SOCK MONSTERS.

If you fancy making a sock monster with your child over the summer holidays, you too can create one of these curious, creepy critters together. Just grab some craft supplies, conjure up a bit of creativity and you’ll have your own walking (well, not literally walking) super sock monster in no time. Read on…

Your kit

An old sock

Some fibrefill stuffing (or just cut up some old material strips)

An elastic band


Some felt

Double-sided tape


Googely eyes or buttons

Get cracking

Grab the old sock (preferably long and preferably washed and preferably colourful!) and stuff it with fibrefill stuffing (take care using scissors to cut it up)

Once you’ve successfully stuffed your sock, get your elastic band and secure the open end

Your sock monster is born!

Now to decorate…

Glue on some ‘googely’ eyes or buttons

Every sock monster needs a tongue – cut some red felt into size and voila

Grab some double-sided tape and stick on some spikes and adornments

What you can do with it

Scare yourself silly!

Scare your friends silly!

Scare your parents silly!

Scare the postman silly!

Good names for a sock monster






The thing that must be obeyed.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

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