5 Creative Trends for 2014

by Cass Art

The New Year has begun and like the rest of the world, here at Cass Art we’re looking forward to what 2014 will bring. We present our predictions and aims for creative practice this year…


Being an ‘artist’ can be such a broad term, if you have a niche technique don’t be shy to share it. Collaborating with peers at college or joining forces with your friends, regardless of ability, is what moves art forward.

People need people; we are inspired by everyone and everything surrounding us (we often feature them on the Cass Art blog). Learning how to create with other artists can bring a whole new approach to your work. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone will inspire you to push yourself.

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It could be the miserable weather we’ve suffered through this winter, but 2014 is looking bright! Pantone announced their colour of the year as Radiant Orchid, a rich purple that makes us want to dive right into the colour chart.

Reminiscent of Paul Smith’s trademark pink hues at his Design Museum exhibition, we look forward to Spring arriving and a little more sun shining down on us. We know all too well how difficult it can be to get inspired when shivering in the studio.

Never underestimate the importance of documenting your practice, your ideas and your emotions. Look back over your old work and sketchbooks to realise how far you’ve come. Check out other peoples sketchbooks. Continue to make notes, read old books, listen to new music, go to the theatre, and make that extra effort to experience things, explore, reflect.


Collage will be celebrated in 2014. The Whitechapel Gallery are boasting an incredible Hannah Höch exhibition this January showcasing her pioneering Dadaist collages, not only that, the Tate’s collection of Henri Matisse Cut Outs is a must-see. Picking up your art materials and making something can be achieved by everyone. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating what you had in your mind’s eye, or responding to chaos and succeeding when it hasn’t quite gone your way.


Physically making things, whatever materials you use, has therapeutic qualities second to none. Remember that the benefits of creativity are more than just visual; a creative outlet releases tensions, archives a creative journey and becomes a well needed distraction, hobby or even career. Let 2014 be the year you hone your technique or push yourself in a new direction.

Of course our guess is as good as yours – why not take a moment to think about what your creative trends could be this year? And tell us on Twitter @CASSART #NewYear.

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Lead Image credits clockwise from top; City Skyline - Nomoco, Roses - Paul Smith, Agnes Cecile, Hannah Hoch portrait - Alan Magee and Jackson Pollock.

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