Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014

by Cass Art

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Cass Art is proud to be partnering with this summer's The Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead to give you an exclusive ticket offer as well as sponsoring art by their Artist in Residence, Jonathan Gabb.

The Affordable Art Fair first launched in Battersea Park in October 1999, but is now hosted in several cities across the globe, including New York, Milan and Singapore.  By encouraging galleries to sell affordable art by both established and emerging artists in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, it promotes new work and inspires people to start their own art collections, whatever their budget.  

Cass Art blog, Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2014

Back to London this Summer, The Affordable Art Fair will be hosted at Hampstead Heath between 12th – 15th June, at the Lower Fairground Site on East Heath Road – just minutes from Cass Art Hampstead.

With 113 galleries all under one roof, you can browse a huge array of original paintings, sculpture, prints and photographs. What’s more, every artwork will be priced between £40 and £4000, so take you can take your favourites home with you!

Jonathan Gabb, the Artist in Residence at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead this year, will be exhibiting an installation inside the fair's entrance - an object that blurs the line between painting a sculpture. Cass Art caught up with him to find out a little more about his working process.

Cass Art blog, Jonathan Gabbs

Your paintings certainly don’t sit traditionally on the canvas - can you tell us a little bit about the process of your work?

My work is about using sculptural methods (casting and cutting) in the realm of painting.  Painting is an event, it is at its most powerful when the artist is engaging with the material and exploring its serendipitous outcome.  My process has an outcome which enables me to pass the event experience over to the viewer.  

At the start I wanted the work to be an outcome of the experimental “laboratory” side of the painter's experience in the studio. There is a job to be done by painters; mixing paint with thickeners, thinners, the other “less talked about” mediums of the painters production line (such as washing up liquid, pva glue, and spit). This experimentation has been selected to a few mediums, but now encompasses much more: the whole process now is project managing, from the initial planning stages and consideration of the architecture it will be in, its dimensions, the mixing and building layers of paint, cutting, manipulating and assembling in situ, to the works storage: it’s an ongoing painting if you like. 

Would you call yourself a painter, sculptor or installation artist – or perhaps all of these?

Call me an Artist.

Who are your main artistic influences?

I like artists who re-contextualise painting such as Cynthia Carlson, Joyce Kozloff, Damien Hirst’s spot and spin paintings - I like Eva Hesse - I pretty much wanted to make works like hers – only with colour, but I think it’s important to try and make something new, something that has not been done before so I try not to emulate other artists. It’s better to be influenced from other things, research or understanding is good in context of art, but not influence.  

Cass Art blog, Jonathan Gabbs painting

What is your favourite art material to work with, and why?

Acrylic paint is the one I use at present, it’s a polymer plastic paint and was created to be applied in the same way as oils. I wanted to do something with it that was unique; to create a plastic flexible soft "sculptural painting" that would emulate acrylic paint when wet. I use anything else to thicken and build it up, a mixture of, glues and mastic.

Can you tell us specifically about the installation you made for the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead?

Chameleon : Mars Black + Cadium Yellow is an investigation into the parallels drawn between our appreciation of natural phenomena and art. Rather than creating a painting from direct observation, it is about creating something new that people can have a direct experience with, in the way we do with the natural world. By presenting colours of paint in this way, I hope it can be appreciated as such – as to being pleased with it - I’ll let the people viewing it decide. 

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For more information on the Affordable Art Fair, directions and times, visit their website. Visit Jonathan Gabb's website here. 

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