Robots Roam After Dark At Tate Britain

by Cass Art

Art connoisseurs are being invited to become Ben Stiller and enjoy their own night at the museum - after the facility is locked to the public next week. Robots will be exploring the gallery and shining lights on the artworks, in a project called After Dark, but what's most exciting is that you can control these robots yourself, and steer them using the internet.

After Dark’s immersive online experience will give visitors the chance to remotely drive internet-controlled robots and create a fascinating virtual tour of Tate Britain over five nights.

How does it work?

Viewers simply log in at the right time, and four museum-based machines will be operated through the special portal provided to take you on one of four tours.

As the robots roam through Tate Britain’s corridors from room to room, their camera shines on the exhibits, enabling viewers to read about them.

There is a time limit for each robot user. Those who don’t control the robots can still enjoy all the fun and action by tuning in to the Tate’s robot-cam to view British art spanning five centuries.

The IK Prize

After Dark, which began on 13th August, is part of the inaugural IK Prize from Tate Britain. 

This celebrates creative talent within the digital sector, and judges included Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder.

The Workers, London-based designers who have been awarded £70,000 to introduce the project this summer, devised the idea the virtual tour idea. 

Ross Cairns, David Di Duca and Tommaso Lanza aim to give viewers the chance to see art in a “different light” - by exploring the Tate's treasures in the dark...

Robot roams the Tate Britain galleries in After Dark  

What can I see?

You will be spoilt for choice with more than 70,000 pieces of intriguing British art dating back 500 years from the current date. There is also international contemporary and modern art hanging inside the gallery, waiting to be stumbled upon that night.

Many of these will be included on one of the quartet of tours available.

The biggest challenge will be knowing where to start: Constable, Turner, Hockney, Bacon, Blake, Moore, Spencer are among the luminaries exhibited here.


Feeling Inspired?

After Dark will go live online on 16th-17th August (10pm-3am) and 15th August (from 7.30pm) at Tate Britain.

Read more here to find out how to get involved. 

Image Credits -

Image 1 - After Dark robot with Jacob Epstein's Rock Drill

After Dark, The IK Prize

Photography: Alexey Moskvin c 2014 

 Image 2 - After Dark robot with Henry Thomson's The Raising of Jairus’ Daughter 1820

After Dark, The IK Prize

Photography: Alexey Moskvin c 2014 

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