London's explosive energy with Aleksandra Mir at Drawing Room

by Cass Art

Internationally renowned visual artist Aleksandra Mir plans to create dynamic room-size drawings in Drawing Room’s exhibition galleries. Drawing Room is a non-profit gallery located in Bermondsey, South London, it explores ideas around contemporary drawing and makes them visible in the public domain. As the only public, non-profit-making gallery in the UK dedicated to the exploration, presentation and research of contemporary drawing practice Drawing Room is a truly valuable resource for emerging artists. Cass Art is delighted to be partnering with Drawing Room to support Aleksandra's collaborative project. 

Over a series of three weeks, Aleksandra and a team of ten assistants will be working in the gallery space to create murals based on interior and exterior architectural spaces around London - each wall would create the illusion of yet another expanded space, a room that invites you to enter into a space or a street view. Once completed, the exhibition will be open for the following six weeks. Cass Art spoke to Aleksandra to discover more about her practice and what’s to be expected at Drawing Room this spring... 

Artists getting ready at the Drawing Room

Can you tell us a little about your previous exhibition 'Newsroom'? 

In 2007 I turned the Mary Boone Gallery in NYC into a live workshop for 2 months, simulating the goings on of a daily newsroom. My team and I reproduced NYC tabloid covers describing dramatic events in the life in the city over 15 years, from 1986 – 2000. Every day there were old news and new drawings on the walls. 

How does this project at Drawing Room differ from other pieces you've created?  

It rests on all previous work I have made but I try to push it every time. So apart from this drawing being large, made by a group of people who work together with me and executed in public view, it is a new experience in as far as one single work will fill all the wall space of the gallery, so also create a stage set of sorts. 

Artists getting ready at the Drawing Room

What was it that inspired you to explore London's architecture for this project? 

The work is as much “about” London architecture as a way to explore the potential of drawing itself. I think of a drawn line primarily as a document of human energy. Life in the city and in particular London’s booming development at the moment seems like a good analogy for that. 

What materials will you be using?  

The Sharpie marker has been my drawing medium of choice for over a decade. I like its contemporary popular use, and of course I also really like the quality of the tool. I have taught myself how to use the marker as a painting tool, harnessing the full range of tonalities the black ink provides when going through various stages of use and fading. 

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This major new commission that responds to the exploding energy of the fast-developing London skyline and explores drawing as a collective activity is at Drawing Room from 27 May – 19 July 2014. Find more information on the exhibition here, or click here for visitor information, contact details and how to get to Drawing Room.

 Visit Aleksandra Mir's website to find out more about her work and read more about Newsroom.

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