Exhibition Evenings: March 2014

by Cass Art

Student-led showcase Exhibition Evenings gives an inspiring insight into the style and the notably high standard of art students' work across London today; needless to say this month's installment was no different. Featuring work from a range of different universities in the capital, there really is no other event that demonstrates both skills in content and curation with such a fresh approach. Hosted by House gallery in the heart of Camberwell, Cass Art is proud to introduce February's Exhibition Evening...

Singapore native, Shawn Soh demonstrates a keen eye for both visually led and conceptual art and design. His work touches on critical themes, in particular the complexities of human behaviour. Works featured at Exhibition Evenings included a collaborative monochromatic film piece exploring the nature of religion within families and a 10m long scroll of script to encapsulate the notion that once our thoughts are written down, they become active and physical in space and time, magnificently created with Fabriano paper and ink over the course of 10 hours. Shawn is an extremely talented and conscientious artist in both design works and conceptual art, if not evidenced by his compelling art work then certainly by his conversation.

Joshua Tabti's studies on the BA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins have allowed him to harness his favourite medium out of a vast array of skillsets. From printmaking to sculpture, painting and drawing to design, Tabti shows a brilliant momentum in each creative challenge he takes on. On display at Exhibition Evenings, his series of coloured pencil works effectively utilise negative space and miniature scale to create curious scenes that will attract and hold your attention. One scene in particular furthers this style by only sketching figures' shadows, this creates a textural effect which almost eludes to surface design. It's needless to say that Josh's work far surpasses the standard expected of your average first year university student.

On the BA Photography course at LCC, Khushboo Harjani explores the way documenting a place or time can capture and evoke a specific feeling. Drawing inspiration from her own memories and travels we are treated to an insight into her beautiful and ephemeral monochromatic works. Khushboo's experiments with analogue photography have lead her to favour an Olympus OM-10 as her weapon of choice. In this particular series of works there is a clear graphic influence, inspired by the architectural lines and structures on board a traditional cruise ship vacation - soaked in history and captured brilliantly by Khusboo, she persists to bring both nostalgia and a new lease of life to her chosen subject matter.

Moira Salt, competent experimenter in painting and film demonstrates how one practice can easily inform another. Her works in oils have lead her to explore videography following her original painterly style. At Exhibition Evenings we see three television sets, each playing the same endless loop of stop motion footage. Pursuing short journeys through different settings, Moira's collections of beautiful photographs are taken seconds apart which allows for a clear narrative but gives enough space for personal interpretation. Moira's graceful style is cultivated during her studies at Wimbledon College of Art and her captivating films and paintings alike are worth investigating without fail.

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Shawn Soh, Joshua Tabti, Khusboo Haranji and Moira Salt.

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