Past Event: Architecture in Watercolour workshop with Keith Hornblower

by Cass Art

Artist Keith Hornblower specialises in painting architecture in watercolour. Focusing on an iconic London building, in this workshop Keith taught all the techniques needed to create a watercolour painting full of character, bringing the architecture to life. W&N Professional Watercolour and all materials will be provided by Winsor & Newton.

With an engineering background, Keith Hornblower later moved into an architectural practice where he was able to develop his skills as an illustrator. His illustrations proved successful and he was able to make the leap into freelance architectural illustration. Today, over 20 years later, he is now established as a popular illustrator in watercolour and is an active Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustration. "I work in water colour almost exclusively, and always use Winsor & Newton. My work is loose and spontaneous; I don’t generally plan my work or do tonal studies, preferring to "wing it" and make adjustments on the fly. This is a worrying trait in an illustrator, but I have a very impulsive nature and like to live on the edge! An outside chance of producing something spectacular is a far better proposition than the certainty of a barely acceptable mediocrity. My inspiration comes from the likes of Charles Reid, William Walcot (probably the greatest architectural artist of all time) and, of late, John Virtue. For me, the challenge is in portraying a building's character and presence without getting bogged down in irrelevant detail.” Keith Hornblower.

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