Scarlett Raven in ART2ART Part 2

by Cass Art

As promised we are following up with Scarlett Raven’s second interview with Ola Onabule as part of the ART2ART series supported by Cass Art.

Scarlett's approach is to layer thick layers of oil paint with palette knives and her intuitive body which create stunning colourful works. In her own words:

‘I find it exciting to experiment with materials. I paint from memory and imagination. I like to be led by my materials - that captured energy is vital to my work.’

Did you miss part 1 of ART2ART? Watch it here alongside our interview featuring Scarlett's favourite products. Here are a few of her top recommendations:

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Cobalt Turquoise Light

"I love blue and this colour and weight of the paint is incredible.  I create sections of a painting using just this colour alone. It provides a sense of tranquillity and piece that compliments other more chaotic expressive sections."

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Prussian Blue

"This is my favourite colour Oil paint and it has to be artist Quality. Diluted it is so stunning. I have dreams about this colour."

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