Scarlett Raven in ART2ART Part 3

by Cass Art

A follow up to Scarlett Raven’s interview with Ola Onabule as part of the ART2ART series supported by Cass Art.

Ola is a singer, songwriter, producer and educator. Hi series of interviews attempt to explore the journey of the artist, what inspires them, what motivated them and impact of modern technologies and lifestyle on their work.

Don’t forget to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2. We look back on some of her top recommendations:

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colour Renaissance Gold

"Beautifully rich, you really feel that you are painting something special when working with gold. It takes the painting to another place. It also comes in 37 ml. The Copper and silver are stunning too. It also spreads far if you are worried about cash. You only need to use a little for its presence to be known too."

Liquitex Artist Acrylic Spray Paint

"I love the affects you can make with spray paint. But get put off by the fumes. These are totally solvent-free and odourless which is amazing!  My favourite colour is the Fluorescent Green."

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