past event: Mapping art practice with emerging artists at Standpoint Gallery

by Cass Art

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Based in the heart of Hoxton, Standpoint couldn't be closer to the creative community if it tried. They offer a vibrant platform for the development of emerging and mid-career artists through running exhibitions, residencies and awards, with particular focus on bridging the gap between regional artists and those based in the capital. Cass Art is proud to support Standpoint's latest venture as part of their residencies programme: Mapping Art Practice in the UK.

Monday June 23rd at Shoreditch Town Hall will see a symposium of artists, curators and researchers from across the UK come together to share their experience, skills and knowledge, as part of a research project collecting and analysing information on differing models of art work – practice, distribution and remuneration, including how artists link to their peers and to the variety of art organisations with whom they work.

Comprised of three panel discussions with 4-5 speakers in each, the Symposium will tackle extensive questions in regard to where the most rewarding places in the UK are to work as an artist today, how artists make things happen, how they interact with art organisations, and how opportunities and funding are distributed throughout the artistic community. Speakers include creative practitioners and art professionals based in London, Scotland, Wales and other regional locations. 

Cass Art was lucky enough to take a tour around the gallery and speak to one of the artists in residence. Emily Speed is based at the Royal Standard Liverpool. Selected from over 100 applicants, she has spent her 6 weeks in London meeting curators, engaging with artists, hosting events and of course creating her own pieces (the studios themselves have an exceptional range of facilities: printing, letterpress, paper restoration and ceramics). 

Standpoint Gallery and the opportunities it offers to young working artists is unparalleled: beyond the means of creating work, it focuses on forging a career in the creative industries, networking and developing connections that are otherwise increasingly difficult to achieve. Be sure to visit Standpoint on 23rd June for their Mapping Art Practice in the UK event. Early birds (11.30am) can enjoy a tour of the gallery and studios, with film screening and exhibition, followed by a complimentary  light lunch. The symposium proper starts at 2pm at Shoreditch Town Hall, for what is guaranteed to be a valuable afternoon of insights for artists at every stage of their career. See more details and book tickets through Standpoint’s  website:  It’s brilliant value, a student ticket is only £10, so be quick!

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To see more about the artists featured in the images: Emily Speed (previous residency artist), Iain Hales (solo show at Standpoint till Sat 31st May)

Hear more from Standpoint Gallery with an exclusive talk from Residencies Coordinator, Matilda Strang at our Islington flagship store on 20th May, visit our events page for more information.

Click for more information on Standpoint Gallery and Mapping Art Practice in the UK.

Image Credits:

1.  Iain Hales, Standpoint Gallery, 2014

2. Emily Speed, Human Castle, Edinburgh Art Festival 2012

3. Emily Speed, Inhabitant (St Louise), Mississippi, 2012

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