The Sun Shines on Berkeley Square After Dark

by Cass Art

In this ever-emerging age of miracles, the sun is now coming out every night in London's Berkeley Square.

And, while vision experts advise against looking directly into the sun, it comes highly recommended for visitors viewing a new Mayfair art installation of that name.

US artist Dale Chihuly's giant glass work was unveiled to the world's press last Thursday (April 3).

The radiant riot of colour, which cannot help but brighten up a spring evening, is 5.5 metres (18ft) tall and constructed out of 1,573 multi-coloured strands of hand-blown glass.

Weighing 2,000 kilos (315st), the mesmerising artwork, which looks a cross between a multi-headed hydra and the fire from a dragon's mouth, took five days to install.

Washington-born Chihuly, 72, said: “What makes The Sun work for me is the massing of colour. If you take 1,000 hand-blown pieces of a colour, put them together and then shoot light through them, it’s going to be something to look at.”

The Sun has already been exhibited in several prestigious museums and gardens around the planet.

These include the New York Botanical Garden (2006), San Francisco's de Young Museum (2008), San Diego's Salk Institute for Biological Studies (2010) and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art (2013).

Chihuly’s current Beyond the Object exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery in New Bond Street has now been extended until May 23 due to public demand. Over 25,000 people have visited the exhibition since its opening on February 8.

The artist said: “Halcyon Gallery’s unique approach to showcase art outside of the traditional gallery space is extremely compelling as I want as many people as possible to engage, interact and enjoy my art.”

Chihuly says that public exhibitions are his favourite form of art as so many people get to see them.

As many as 97 exhibitions across seven countries have exhibited Chihuly's artworks over the past decade, attracting a total of more than 12 million visitors. 

The much sought-after artist is probably best known to UK audiences for his glass chandelier hanging in the Victoria and Albert Museum. His works are considered unique for his genre, transforming blown glass into the realm of large-scale sculpture.

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Image source: International Buisness Times

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