Introducing our Watercolour Pencils

by Cass Art

It's no secret that here at Cass Art, we've very proud of our own brand art products. Our paper ranges sport textural, painterly designs by Pentagram partner Angus Hyland, and our paintbrushes, watercolour set and portfolios represent the highest quality materials paired with outstanding value.

And the good news is that we're releasing more and more of these little gems into our shops. We're delighted to announce that one of the newest member to the Cass Art Own Brand family is the Cass Art Watercolour Pencil Set

Cass Art Watercolour Pencils

The set includes 12 quality, water-soluble coloured pencils.

Draw with them dry for vibrant colours, or just add water to achieve watercolour effects in both your drawings and paintings. 

Use them on their own, or use them in conjunction with other watercolour materials - they'll blend and compliment other products if you fancy using them as part of a mixed media study.

Sea Green Watercolour Pencil

The 12 colours include a varied and dynamic range, inlcuding Cadmium Red, Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Sea Green, Lime Green, Light Green, Blue, Ultramarine, Violet, Bright Pink, Brown and Black - some must-haves for any artist's colour spectrum. 

They also come in a handy sliding eco-carton so you can pack them away neatly and carry them with you without losing a colour. Beautifully designed by Pentagram, the team responsible for our award-winning line of Cass Art Paper Pads, watercolour pencils have never been so colourfully presented!

Cass Art Watercolour Pencils

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