Cass Sculpture Foundation Announces Major Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture

by Cass Art

The Cass Sculpture Foundation has just announced details of an ambitious exhibition scheduled for July 2016. A Beautiful Disorder is set to be the first major UK exhibition of newly commissioned outdoor sculpture by contemporary Chinese artists.

From May to November next year, 15 large-scale sculptures, made in a variety of mediums including wood, stone steel and bronze, will go on display throughout the foundation’s extensive grounds in Chichester, West Sussex, just south of London.

The historical relationship between English and Chinese landscape aesthetics is what has inspired these contemporary Chinese and Greater Chinese artists. The title of the exhibition, A Beautiful Disorder, is a quote from a letter written by the Jesuit missionary and artist Jean-Denis Attiret in 1743, which in turn had a huge impact on English garden culture. Attiret described the ability of the Chinese garden to provoke violent and often opposing sensations in the viewer through a series of theatrical framing devices.

The exhibition at Cass Sculpture Foundation will ask viewers to reflect on China's past, present and future relationship with the world at large, providing important insight into the state of Chinese culture, politics and society today from the perspective of some of its most dynamic and engaging artists.

Clare Hindle,  the Executive Director of Cass Sculpture Foundation, says:

“To date, Cass Sculpture Foundation has commissioned over 400 works – A Beautiful Disorder is a landmark moment for the Foundation as it is the first time we are commissioning works for a major exhibition by international artists. The exhibition will showcase contemporary Chinese sculpture by some of the leading Chinese artists.”

The confirmed participating artists include Bi Rongrong, Cao Fei, Cheng Ran, Cui Jie, Jennifer Ma Wen, Li Jinghu, Lu Pingyuan, Made in Company, Rania Ho, Song Ta, Tu Wei-Cheng, Wang Sishun, Wang Wei, Wang Yuyang, Zhang Ruyi, Zheng Bo and Zhao Yao.

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Cass Art is linked to the Cass Sculpture Foundation as the Founder of the Foundation, Wilfred Cass, is the father of Mark Cass, CEO & Founder of Cass Art. Read more about the family ties here.

Image Credit: Yang Wuang, Identity, Courtesy of Cass Sculpture Foundation 

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