Craft Materials to Help You Celebrate Summer in style

by Cass Art

Summer is looming and with it comes the season of celebration. It's the time for weddings, picnics, birthday parties and barbecues. The time for cake. For pimms. For summer dresses and sandals and street parties. And what ties all of these celebrations together, besides the warmer weather and sunny skies? The beautiful craft materials, of course. (That's where we come in!)

With vintage wedding themes, handmade touches and the birth of Pinterest, craft has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and we thought it was about time to join the party. We've introduced an exciting new range of craft products so you can give those special events a slightly more personal touch. Read on for some inspiring suggestions and ideas about how to bring the handmade into your heart this summer.

Handmade card-making sets

Whether you're card-making, sending out wedding invitations, writing name tags or labelling gifts, it's always nice to give something that personal, handmade touch. People appreciate it so much more and it's fun for you too! We've got some fantastic card-making and scrapbooking materials that produce flawless results, no matter what you're after.

The Rico Designs Silicone Stamp Sets are easy to use and produce beautiful, intricate designs for your cards or pages. Elegant and re-useable, they can also be used on a variety of surfaces. Explore the doilie set and border set, because you might want to experiment with different ones before you decide on a final design. We also sell the Rico Wedding Stamp Set, which makes tiny wedding graphics available at your fingertips, and a range of XCut Border Punches that produce beautifully detailed edges to any of your paper creations. 

If weddings and card-making aren't your thing but homemade treats are, then try these handy Rico Self Adhesive Labels, ideal for jam makers and sweetie lovers. We also stock a wide range of blank cards and envelopes by leading brands like Anita's and Fabriano Medioevalis, as well as a the Esdee Lino Cutting Set - so if you want to go really personal and make your own designs from scratch you can get stuck in.

Make your own hanging pompons

Sometimes a room needs a spruce before it can host the party of the year - and we've got some inspirational decor ideas to help you spruce in a spectacular fashion.

Wonderful in all their pastel-coloured glory, the Rico Pompons come in multiple sizes and colours, and look gorgeous hanging from the ceiling, on the backs of chairs or over the doorframe. They'll brighten any room for a baby shower, teddy bear picnic or hen do, no matter what you're planning. They're easy to make and look oh so good, adding that handmade touch without all the effort.

Our range of Seawhite Gallery Frames are clean, simple and sure to bring a smile to all once they're filled with your favourite photographs. Use them for pictures of the happy couple or birthday boy, and choose from either natural, white or black frames. Cass Art is also stocking a range of doilies in store (though please note they aren't online) which can be used for delicate place settings. Often people cut them up to decorate tables or invitations, or roll and cut them into different shapes to form handmade bunting. The possibilites are endless!

Chalkboard Craft Trend

The soft and rustic look of the chalkboard has made it a real hit with craft lovers recently. Whether you want to give your wedding reception the handmade touch, hand-write some signs for a treasure hunt or direct people to a picnic, the world of craft has provided some real chalkboard innovations to do it. 

The Papermania Heart Chalkboard Pegs are perfect for adding to your stunning centrepieces. Use them to write table numbers, or attach them to wedding favours containing the name of each guest. But if you're looking for a larger surface to write on - for games at a kid's party, or perhaps to form a fun backdrop for photographs - the Rico Film Adhesive Chalkboard is the one for you. Write on the surface, peel it off and stick it wherever you like. Finally, a popular one for all occasions is the Rico Designs Standing Chalkboard, which can be used to point anyone in the right direction. Leave it as a sign that directs people to the party or the dancefloor, or scribble a welcoming hello or goodbye along its surface and leave it by the door. Whatever your chalkboard desires, we've got them covered. What's more, they all wipe clean and can be used again and again. 

Lovely Lettering Craft


This refers back to the personal touch, but lettering is an important part of craft and integral to a variety of celebrations! There's so many ways to create creative words and phrases for your invitations, posters, signs and labels and we wanted to share those possibilities for you. No matter your taste or vision, we're bound to have something that spells it out for you.

The Rico Designs Date Stamp or NPW Typewriter Stamp Set is a simple and clean way to get words or numbers printed out again and again. The Rico Designs Silicone Alphabet and Number Stamps, pictured above, are a beautiful way to write out your messages - just make sure you buy the Artiste Pigment Ink Pads to go with it, in a choice of glittery Gold, Silver and Deep Red. But if you're after the handwritten look - perhaps to annotate your photos, or to leave beside a guest book for signing - you can't go wrong with the Rico Designs Gel Pens, which are available in all of our shops - and will soon be online. 

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