Chichester Cathedral steels itself for Spiritual Journey through Life

by Cass Art

It's little coincidence that a Randy Klein exhibition arriving at Chichester Cathedral in Sussex this week has already graced three other British cathedrals.

Moment To Moment - A Pilgrimage is the exhibition eagerly anticipated from all previous high praise.

Klein's collection of over 100 steel sculptures takes you on a journey through life: a narrative in nature, exploring the themes of transformation and transcendence; from care-free childhood to adulthood's encumbrances, through the physical world depicted by cars and properties to ultimate spiritual peaks less bound by material considerations that Klein feels we can all aspire to; that we can be whatever we want, guided by our lifeforce.

Chichester Cathedral: Moment to Moment

New York-born, London-based artist Klein, who approaches his 65th year in 2014, has deservedly forged an international reputation with works fusing irony with passion.

They have featured in collections such as New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate, and Brooklyn Museum

Klein’s sculptures are created from steel, copper and enamels. They originally take shape from his series of quick sketches followed by trial wax sculptures. He then employs a white hot flame to cut through sheets of steel and moulds the sculptures to his imaginative will. This meticulous process never ceases to fascinate him.

Klein said: “The process of art is all about transcendence, taking raw materials and with love, patience and delicacy we imbue them with a quality beyond themselves.”

Chichester Cathedral Moment to Moment

The exhibition has already visited Italy, Edinburgh's St Giles Cathedral and Rochester and Ely Cathedrals.

The Times critic John Russell Taylor perhaps best describes Klein's natural, innovative talents: “He seems to think in sculptural terms as easily and directly as the bird sings. His show of sculpture and graphics at the Accademia Italiana and European Academy is almost like a ride in Disneyland, the invention is so ebullient.”

Moment to Moment - A Pilgrimage runs from Friday, September 6 to Wednesday, October 30 in the North Transept of Chichester Cathedral, West Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1PX. Free entry.

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