Colouring In For Adults: De-stress With this New Craze - It’s Not Just For Kids

by Cass Art

We all remember those rainy afternoons as children, cooped up inside with a colouring book and set of vibrant crayons. It was an achievement to stay inside the lines, a fun decision when choosing the next colour, and it formed results that lingered on our parents’ fridges for years.

But colouring in doesn’t have to be an activity reserved for kids. In fact, Adult Colouring books have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent months, and have been quoted as an alternative therapy and effective form of stress release.

It's seen a particular growth in France, where Adult Colouring In books are even out-selling cookbooks. They country has sold 350,000 colouring books over the past few years after its publishers used the words “anti-stress” or “art therapy” on their covers. French publisher Marabout bought the English title Secret Garden - An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book by Johanna Basford, and by adding “anti-stress” to its title, it sold many more copies than Britain. 

Colouring in for stress relief 

But why is colouring in so therapeutic? Why are French women - closely followed by the English - swapping their usual hobbies for a bit of colouring in time?

The answer is that the process of colouring is soothing. It has calming qualities that quiet our thoughts, forming a simple introduction to mindfulness. It allows you to focus on the here and now, and is an excellent distraction from the worries and stresses of adulthood.

And here at Cass Art we totally agree. Our adult colouring books are beloved by staff and artists alike, and to celebrate the new age of adult colouring, we wanted to share pages of the stunning new book by Johanna Basford - with a special exclusive page solely for Cass Art customers.

Enchanted Forest Adult colouring book

Enchanted Forest

An Inky Quest & Colouring Book, Enchanted Forest takes you on a journey through an ancient forest and vine-entwined gates, featuring hot air balloons, flowering toadstools and a fairytale castle. 

The Cass Art copy includes an exclusive 46 x 70cm pullout poster, which provides additional hours of colouring joy. You can’t get this poster anywhere else! It promises additional hours of colouring in time, so say goodbye to stress!

Exclusive to Cass Art 

As well as having beautifully detailed pages to colour and fill, there are also hidden objects to be found along the way including wild flowers, animals, keys and treasure chests.

Enter the forest on the first page and be guided by your colouring pencils and pens, through a journey of woodland, through the streams and across the tree tops to find what lies in the heart of the castle.

Published by Laurence King Publishing, it follows on from the huge success of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden Adult Colouring Book, both in France and Britain. 

Page of Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford 

Who knows: colouring in might be a passing craze - something like knitting or bead craft, which we've seen come and go over the past few years. But maybe it's here to stay, especially seeing as modern life only seems to be getting more and more stressful. And if the solution is picking up a coloured pencil and taking a quiet half hour for yourself, then we're totally on board.

Feeling inspired?

Get your hands on your own copy of Enchanted Forest and explore the calming qualities of colouring in for yourself.

Check out Johanna Basford’s other colouring book, Secret Garden, here.

Shop for colouring pencils and fine liner pens, which are great art materials for colouring in.

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