Create your own Pop Art Collage with Artist Hin

by Cass Art

Want to create great art that packs a punch? By mixing American comic book culture with street art techniques, Hin can help you to create your very own Pop Art collage using comics and paste-ups. Add colour and sketches to your canvas collage to give it a personal twist and make your comic character come to life.  Get your ticket and visit our Islington store on Sunday 14th April between 1pm and 4pm to discover the true delights of making your own Pop Art masterpiece. A diverse creator, Hin works in street art, illustration, painting, sculpture and design. He has worked with companies such as Burberry, Zara and Liberty. As well as producing storyboards for the film 28 Weeks Later. He has also designed artwork and branding for the London pop swing band The Correspondents and exhibited in London, Miami, Bucharest, Brussels and Hong Kong.

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