Creative Flair from Student Artists at Exhibition Evenings

by Cass Art

Student-led showcase, Exhibition Evenings launched by HTB students, provides an insiders' peek into the creative genius of art students working across London today. Cass Art is proud to introduce the artists on display from the fourth installment of the ever-advancing Exhibition Evenings at House Gallery, Camberwell...

Ben Cain

Ben's work challenges the preconceived notions of graphic design, his experimental and expressive style makes for a thought provoking and thrilling experience particularly with his piece at Exhibition Evenings.

His first piece sees the cracks of over-fired clay pieces as stamps for a new form of language. Using acrylic paints, he then prints in a linear fashion on handmade Khadi papers. His style often touches on the tendencies of mankind and nods to the archaic history of our cultures as humans.

Ben's studies on the graphic design course at Central Saint Martins haven't put him off dabbling in larger scale projects. Developing and constructing his own plywood table and chairs, the counterbalance design teaches those who interact with it a clear code of fair conduct.

Ben Cain's pieces effortlessly pioneer the combining of fresh design aesthetics and meaningful messages.

Georgina Cook

Handmade paper installations might not be the kind of work you'd expect to see from a photography student, but Camberwell based Georgina explores far more than just her skills with a camera. The installation itself resembles the majestic bow of a ship, filling the entirety of the room in House Gallery. The light shining through the papers highlights the natural imperfections in the pressing: holes, lumps and bubbles all add to the character of the piece. What's more, each sheet is formed of shredded old newspaper articles, ranging from 1800-1990. Georgina selected the most harrowing articles to include in her work, which distinctly develops her tactile work in a conceptual direction.

Francesca Painter

Illustrator from Kingston University and final year student, Francesca Painter creates hand-drawn colourful prints that prove to be a delight on the eye. Her playful approach is made up of layers of sketching, scanning, cropping and arranging before filling in the colour digitally. Francesca's palette is carefully considered before anything is sent to print, her selection is bright enough to catch your eye but soft enough to keep the audience engaged.

Recent projects have seen a series of mapping prints, that transform her illustrations into something similar to a repetitive surface design. This touches on Francesca's interest in art therapy, visual aids and scientific studies - all of which are highly admirable motives for developing a career in the creative world.

Tarris Lam

Graphic designer at Chelsea College of Art enjoys the expression that oil paints allow, exploring emotive subjects inspired by cult classics and popular culture. Her oil paintings are deliciously rich in texture and colour, and unusually Tarris encourages the viewer to feel the surface of the paintings. This hands on approach for the audience breaks down the preconceived attitudes towards gallery behaviour and truly welcomes a dialogue.

From a series of four, Exhibition Evenings displays three of the final pieces which have been earnestly painted by Tarris using her favourite Michael Harding paints. As said by many artists, the quality is unmatched and allows artists of both professional and student ability to enjoy traditionally crafted oils.

Sophie Flanagan

Sophie Flanagan explores catharsis and loss through the medium of collage set in a series of individual A5 frames. Scattered across the main wall of House Gallery, Sophie's display challenges the viewer to connect each piece and develop a narrative between her found imagery.

Using cut outs from National Geographic magazines and her faithful scanner, Sophie's curious worlds almost imitate windows into hidden territory, inviting you to peer into an intricate utopia. An enchanting series from a very talented fine art student at Kingston University.

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If you’re interested in submitting your creations for the next Exhibition Evening simply email them, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates. See the full range of works from the artists on display this month on their websites:

Ben Cain, Georgina Cook, Francesca Painter, Tarris Lam, Sophie Flanagan.

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