Student Spotlight: CSM Worth Pop Up Shop

by Cass Art

It's not often that a second year student pop up shop goes viral in advance of the event, but then again Central Saint Martins students aren't your average lot. This group of 94 eager graphic design students developed a campaign to really engage their audience; Worth Pop Up Shop starts the online bidding for each item at £1,000,000 in hopes to challenge the perception of an object's value and worth. Then each time the link is shared on social media, the price of the item is pushed down. 

Browse a selection of the works for sale from the students themselves in the pop up shop - from hand carved wood work to block printed posters, 3D scanners and embroidery. 

Worth Pop Up Shop

The products on sale are all based on a theme of responsibility and are manufactured by the students. With students from all over the world, there is variety of work, values and stories behind the products.

The proceeds of the shop go towards the students’ final year degree show next year.

Worth Pop Up Shop  

The students hope that the public will consider the design process behind these objects and question if an object’s value is based on the process it has gone through - or whether it is just about beauty, style and aesthetics. The price of the items is influenced through the actions and interest of the general public.

Worth Pop Up Shop will take place between 6th-8th June at 132 Commercial Street, Shoreditch - keep up to date with their Twitter and visit their website for more information. 

This year's finalists from Central St Martin's will be showing Degree Show Two from 18th-22nd June. 

Worth Pop Up Shop Jewellery

Feeling inspired?

Shout about your own degree show and artwork by taking part in our student competion - upload photos of your work to Twitter or Instagram with the hastags #CassArt #StudentSpotlight. All work will be featured on our homepage and one lucky student will win £500 to spend at Cass Art. 

If you can't make it to the pop up shop itself, everything in this article can be made at home with a helping hand from Cass Art. Pick up the Essdee Lino Printing Kit or a set of Rotring Nibs and ink to give hand lettering a go. 

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