Do The Green Thing Now Open At Glasgow

by Cass Art

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Here at Cass Art we’re delighted to announce that the Art Space in our new Glasgow Shop has opened a new exhibition: Do The Green Thing.

Do The Green Thing is a national campain that romotes Creativity vs. Climate change, by asking artists to contribute an image that makes you think about a more sustainable way of living. A public service for the planet founded in 2007 by Andy Hobsbawm and Naresh Ramchandani, the campaign has inspired people to save 2.5 times more CO2 than they would have otherwise. The project currently holds 52 posters, with a new artwork added each week to inspire you to change your lifestyle. 

Art and science often go hand in hand - and if artists can inspire people to take better care of the environment, then it's something we're eager to celebrate at Cass Art.

This is why we've partnered with Easy Art and Pentagram to exhibit a selection of posters from the Do The Green Thing campaign. Contributors have included acclaimed artists and illustrators such as Paul Smith, David Shrigley, Quentin Blake and Marion Deuchars, many of whom are now on display at Cass Art Glasgow.

The exhibition also includes several interactive sheets, so families, children, artists and art-lovers alike can sit down in The Art Space and design their own green-inspired poster.

Do The Green Thing

But what Green Thing will you decide on doing?

Turn off the lights? Share your bathwater? Cycle to work? Recycle your paper?

Whatever it is, we welcome everyone to come and explore the exhibition and start thinking about ways in which you can make our planet a healthier place. 

do the green thing

Feeling inspired?

The Art Space in Cass Art Glasgow aims to support the creative endeavours of the local community, for all artists aged from 3 to 103. It is available for the public to use for artistic pursuits, networking events and exhibitions: email for more information.

Visit Cass Art Glasgow and Do The Green Thing during the shop opening hours. Get directions here

Lead image: Work and Back, David Shrigley, Sunshine, Steven Qua, Share, Marion Deuchars, Roll, Rob Draper, all images with thanks to Easy Art. 

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