Drawing is...

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Drawing lays the foundations for numerous creative practices; from painting to sculpture, fashion design to architecture, printmaking to illustration. Whether drawing makes up a finished piece, is used to sketch-out plans, or incorporated into a multi-media installation, there are no set rules to dictate how the process should be used, which leaves endless possibilities for interpretation and exploration.

To try and capture the diversity of drawing we asked 8 creative Students to finish the sentence "Drawing is...", and share a piece of their own drawn work with us...

Livia Pinheiro - Second Year - Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear - London College of Fashion - See more here

Megan Fatharly - First Year - Drawing - Falmouth University - See more here and here

Laura Chafer - Second Year - Fine Art - Liverpool John Moores University - See more here

Christina Marshall - Second Year - Fine Art - Chelsea College of Arts - See more here and here

Joshua von Uexkull -  First Year - Fine Art - Central Saint Martins - See more here

Maria Quintin - First Year - Drawing and Print - University of the West of England

Amber Akaunu - First Year - Fine Art - Liverpool Hope University - See more here

Olivia Brook-Alfa - Second Year - Fine Art and History of Art - Goldsmiths - See more here

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