Easter How To: Create Your Own Easter Face Mask

by Cass Art

You will need:



 1. Prepare your mask

You can either print off our premade masks here or draw your own! Once printed or drawn, cut the mask out including the eye and ribbon holes.

2. Colour your mask

Using pens, pencils or paints, colour in your easter mask. We’ve used Faber Red and Giotto to colour in our bunny mask.

3.Add some decoration

Once your mask is coloured in, you can decorate it however you like. Use scraps of paper, pompoms, pipe cleaners and glitter. We’ve used the Cass Art craft activity bucket to add cut-out shapes and decorations.

4. Add some ribbon

Once any glue has dried, tie some ribbon around the two holes on the outer edge of the mask. The ribbon needs to be long enough to secure at the back of the head.

Feeling Creative?

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