Edinburgh International Film Festival

by Cass Art

Born in the same year as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Dreyfuss and Kevin Kline, the world's longest continuously running film festival has once again arrived this month. 

The Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) began in 1947, and this year is running from from 18th-29thJune.

We've scouted out some of the films you can see this year, because, arthouse or not, truly good film can always inspire the motivation to make great art..

 Hyena @ Festival Theatre on 18th June (9.05pm)

Peter Ferdinando plays Michael Logan, a comprisable anti-hero of a drugs detective. He discovers that vicious Albanian gangs endanger the very complexion of the English capital's criminal landscape. This tale of addiction is both bold and organic. 

Set Fire to the Stars @ Cineworld on 23rd June (6pm)

This commemorates the centenary of Dylan Thomas's birth. Celyn Jones stars as the firebrand, hard-drinking poet in a beautifully shot black-and-white story that tells of his fight with personal demons.

Letter to the King @ Cineworld on 21st and 27th June (6.30pm)

This heart-tugging ensemble piece traces five people's day trip to Oslo from their refugee camp. It underlines Hisham Zaman's emergence as a directorial voice in global cinema.


A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide @ Filmhouse on 24th June (8.30pm)

This darkest subject gets the lightest, most empathetic of touches in a film which follows Tom, who writes a blog detailing his hellbent desire to end his own life. Just one small problem: he's in the same league of Viz Comic's Suicidal Syd when it comes to success (or lack of it). 

We'll Never Have Paris @ Festival Theatre on 29th June (8.25pm)

The track of real love seldom runs calmly, especially if you're undergoing your quarter-life crisis and have just screwed up on the eve of proposing to “The One”. Simon Helberg stars in this tale of complicated romance, regret, and attempted redemption. 

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