Student Spotlight: October's Exhibition Evenings

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Our Cass Art Student Ambassador, Ferdinand Lu, checks out October's Exhibition Evenings...

There is no better way to celebrate the fresh start of the academic year than with a student-led exhibition. Wednesday the 22nd of October saw the return of Exhibition Evenings supported by HTB students to House Gallery in Camberwell. Four talented young artists showcased work in various mediums such as painting, photography and print-making.

Stephanie Kane 

Stephanie Kane, a former Fashion Illustration student at London College of Fashion, grabbed the viewer's attention. Her artworks bring artistic interpretation to faithful representations of her subjects and each portrait she made showcases different sides of her creativity. The result is a stunning collection of pieces featuring vivid brushstrokes, reminiscent of Lucian Freud’s portraits. By experimenting with different types of materials such as crayon, oil paint, lacquer, steel and wood, Stephanie gives her portraits a life of their own as each looks back at the viewer in what could be seen as an attempt to tell him a story. She usually paints portraits of people she has personally met in order to connect more with the artwork she is working on; it’s only logical that her self-portrait is one of the collection’s strongest pieces, containing an emotional intensity which instantly speaks to the viewer.

Artist Exhibition Evenings 

"I think people can connect with the images themselves. It's something that you can't really see but that you can feel. These emotions cannot be translated into language," explains XiaoYi Chen, an MA Photography student at London College of Communication. "Layers of Tranquility" is a collection of abstract photographs depicting black and white close-ups of natural elements such as skin, leaves and icebergs from Iceland. The photographs communicate with one another, conveying themes such as life, death, beauty, nature and tranquility. As XiaoYi explains, the fact that the pictures are black and white is powerful as the viewer is not distracted by colour so can focus on the images lying in front of him. Each photograph has been selected from a series of stills and printed using photo etching. The unused shots have however been bound in a book which XiaoYi will be displaying on her exhibition on the 25th of November, at London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle.

Eve Lague 

Camberwell College of Arts Illustration student Eve Lague presents 'Tales of Wonder', a zine representing the hosts of the United Kingdom's first science-fiction convention on a quest to establish science-fiction as a literary genre in its own right. A series of twenty zines was printed using riso-printing, a process involving each colour being printed separately on the same sheet of paper using soy ink. This caused each page to be printed differently from the next one as the ink did not align in the same way on each page. The result is a stunning collection of zines reminiscent of the traditional hand-crafted fanzine. The exhibition also features some of Eve's other works, including "Ben & Jerry's", a piece involving screen-printing and watercolour paint, the "Walking Beard" and the "Duke of Chicks", two reduction prints and finally, "Emma-Rose", a stunning riso print which superimposes the layers of Emma-Rose's body, her clothing and her bones in three different colours.

Lizzie Heath 

Another Illustration student at Camberwell, Lizzie Heath presents a range of artworks showcasing her diverse set of skills. Though her work explores a variety of different mediums such as acrylic, screen printing, mono printing and chalk, there is a unity within her work defined by the artist's mastery of colour and contrast. One of the highlights of her collection of pieces is 'Rinn', a painting portraying the characters of the television series "My Mad Fat Diary". 'Rinn' distinguishes itself from the rest of Lizzie's work due to its portraying live people with very detailed features. The piece also contrasts with the others due to its colouring being less vibrant and contrasted that that of Lizzie's other artworks, thus giving 'Rinn' a lighter, eerier dimension which makes it seem like a dream-like memory.

By Ferdinand Lu, Cass Art Student Ambassador.

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