Top tips for Exploring the Possibilities of Colouring In Books for Adults

by Cass Art

Adult Colouring is the newest trend on the art block - and it's showing no signs of slowing down. 

With it's relaxing, therapeutic qualities, and with the beautifully illustrated books on offer, more and more people are choosing colouring as their new hobby. But if you're yet to be convinced, we wanted to share some burstingly bold pages with you, made by colouring fans across the country.

Just take a look at these intricate, characterful designs - quite different from the colouring books you might remember from childhood. From woodland critters to tropical animals, enchanted castles to hidden gardens, there are scenes for everyone to enjoy. Read on for our top tips on how to get started with colouring, with some suggestions on the art materials that will colour you happy!

Colouring in sheets for adults


1. Find the right colouring book for you.

There's loads out there, from the delicate floral pages of Johanna Basford's Secret Garden, to her new adventurous quest book Enchanted Forest which includes fun discoveries along the way. Secret Garden also comes in a postcard format, if a smaller page is preferable for you to try out your colouring skills before buying one of the books. If animals are more your thing, Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta is a fantastic choice, but there are many others too, so choose a theme that will keep you engaged.

Enchanted Forest

2. Don't confuse adult colouring with activity books.

There are some brilliant activity books out there that ask people to explore their creativity, draw pictures, wreck journals and experiment with mark-making (like the interactive Marion Deuchars books), but adult colouring is its own niche and fulfils a different purpose with pre-drawn pages. That's not to say you can't experiment - whilst colouring you make your own decisions about colour and pattern as you go.

3.  Find a quiet space where you can sit and fill in the pages.

Whether it's your bedroom, the dining room table or perhaps the sofa you should find a good space for colouring. Turn on some music or colour in silence for half an hour every day, or however long you fancy - you'll be suprised how therapeutic it is. It actually forms a simple introduction to mindfulness, another trend that is sweeping the nation, that allows us to de-stress, escape from daily pressures and focus on the here and now.

Adult Colouring Books

4. Don't be afraid to try out different art materials.

We all remember the chunky felt tip pens that we used to colour in with as kids, but now you're older don't feel limited by colouring pencils or standard pens. Try out ink, pastel, watercolour pencils and more - read on for a full list of suggested art materials.

5. Enjoy colouring for what it is - an activity solely for yourself.

Don't feel pressured to share your creations, to set deadlines or finish a picture by a certain time. The beauty of colouring is that it's something you can return to, whenever you feel like it, and you can tuck the book back on your shelf for another day if you so wish. That said, plenty of people do love to share their colouring pictures once they're finished - so post away on Twitter or Instagram if you feel so inclined!

Colouring in


1. Derwent Inktense Pencil Set of 12

Inktense pencils provide the intense colours of pen and ink drawings. Vibrant and highly blendable, colour  with them as you would a traditional pencil, but you can also wash over them with water to add a different effect or wash. They are permanent once dry and you can work over the top of them.

2. Derwent Artists' Pencils Set of 12

Opt for quality colour pencils with the Derwent Artists' Pencils. Their wide core makes them ideal for broad strokes and covering large areas, and their slightly waxy texture blends wonderfully and allows you to build up layers of colour. 

Colouring in 

3. Derwent Metallic Pencils Set of 12

If you want to bring a little extra something to your colouring, why not opt for the metallic sheen of this set of pencils? Highly reflective and water-soluble, so you can blend them together and create exciting wash effects.

4. Derwent Inktense Block Set of 24

The Inktense Blocks are watersoluble bars of solid pigment, made for bright, bold colours halfway between watercolour and ink. It’s easy to blend and is permanent when dry. Use their rectangular shape to mark direct on paper, either for fine detail or areas of colour, or add water to create vivid washes.

Art amterials used in adult colouring

Feeling inspired?

Get going with your own colouring by stocking up on your colouring materials and browsing all of our colouring books.

Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford comes with an exclusive pull-out poster, only available at Cass Art.

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