Free Thinking: Rosa from MiAL Gives Advice on Breaking Into The Art Market

by Cass Art

Our season of tips, hints and talks for students, art graduates and creatives starts very soon with Free Thinking 2015.

Rosa Harvest, the co-ordinator of Made in Arts London, will be giving a talk on MiAL and the benefits of applying on Monday 29th June. But to give you a taster, or just in case you can't make the talk on that day, we asked all the right questions ahead of time to showcase exactly how unique and important MiAL is in cultivating student careers after they've left art school.

Hi Rosa! So, for those who don’t know, what is Made in Arts London?

Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a student and graduate-led, not for profit enterprise, promoting and selling art and design by UAL students and recent graduates. MiAL is nested within SUARTS, the Students' Union of University of the Arts London, (UAL). Everything we sell is designed and created exclusively by our current students or recent graduates and we support our artists in their personal and professional development to sustain their creative practice and to break into the art and design market.

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Why is it so important that art graduates receive the support that you offer after they leave UAL?

Whilst at University students are focusing on building and developing their creative practice, however once they leave University it is often incredibly daunting to try and make living from that practice. Made in Arts London offer an invaluable insight into certain areas of the art market and offers a platform online and offline for artists to sell their work through. 

MiAL can also offer our artists & designers the chance to exhibit in venues that they may otherwise not gain access too. For example we are featured as the first stall at Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead this year, and have also exhibited student and graduate work at Christie's and The Lethaby Gallery. 

Not only do we exhibit and showcase student & graduate art and design but we also offer professional development in the form of workshops, 1-2-1 advice and talks which are all aimed and improving their knowledge into how to turn their creative practice into a career. 

How does a student gain the support of MiAL – do they have to apply or is it automatic after graduation?

Throughout the year students can apply to Made in Arts London online, all submissions then get put forward to our selection panels that take place twice a year. 

The selection panels are made up of industry experts who look through all of the submissions and chose the work that goes into the next Made in Arts London collection. The panel changes each time, which ensures a varied but curated collection of exceptional art & design; the panel for our last collection was Kathleen Soriano, Dominic Wilcox & Natalie Brett. 

Everyone who submits to Made in Arts London recieves feedback whether they are accepted or not, which ensures that UAL students & graduates are always getting valuable feedback from experts on their current creative practice. 

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 Any success stories you’d like to share – any great sales, artists or exhibitions that have sprung from the MiAL support?

 We have lots of fantastic artists and designers at MiAL many of whom have had fantastic success during and after their time with Made in Arts London. 

 One example would be Joanna Zhou who was one of the first designers we started working with. Joanna has always been a MiAL best seller, and now after three years of selling her work through MiAL she has not only set up her own brand and website but she is also now stocked by Harrods! 

Sylvia Moritz is also quite a success story; we started working with her just over a year ago, and one of her first exhibitions with Made in Arts London was at Affordable Art Fair. She'd never sold anything before, but sold out of an edition during the fair! She has gone on to produce some stunning new pieces of work, and is being snapped up by many galleries and collectors. 

Any upcoming events or exhibitions on the cards?

Made in Arts London are exhibiting at Affordable Art Fair from Wednesday 10th June - Sunday 14th June with our exhibition 'Tangible Existence'. We will be exhibiting work from 18 UAL students and recent graduates whose work reflects upon everyday aspects of life. Whether it be the environment, experiences, or the physical foundations of our world; each of these artists encourage their audience to further examine the fundamentals of life which may otherwise be forgotten or ignored. The title for this exhibition ‘Tangible Existence’ comes from the concepts behind MiAL artist Libby Heaney’s work, which is fundamentally inspired by quantum physics. Her pieces explore the contrasting notions of the physical world and the blurred, unobservable realm of quantum physics; thus exploring the macroscopic elements that hold together and dictate the very existence of our everyday.

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Why should people come and see your talk at Free Thinking?

People should come and see our talk at Free Thinking if they are looking for practical advice on how to break into the art market. In the talk we hope to pass on hints and tips that we have gained from our experiences of promoting and selling emerging art and design through art fairs, holding independent exhibitions, hosting events, pop-ups and more. 

We strongly believe in providing emerging artists with the tools that they will need to tackle the art market, and the talk will aim to give a comprehensive view on how to do this. 

We'll also have a couple of Made in Arts London artists present who will be talking about their journey so far. This kind of peer to peer advice is incredibly helpful for artists and designers as it gives an insight into what to expect and how to take it all in your stride. 

Feeling inspired?

Come and see Rosa speak at Free Thinking 2015, to gain advice on working for Made in Arts London and find out how to apply if you're from UAL, but equally if you're not, you're sure to pick up tips on how to promote yourself once you've graduated.

The Made in Arts London talk will take place at 2pm on Monday 29th June, in Shop13 at the Old Truman Brewery.

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