Past Event: Fun MT Tape! with artist Florence To

by Cass Art

Artist Florence To showed your little artists how to decorate objects and make beautiful images using quirky brand MT (masking tape). Favourite toys, everyday objects and artwork can be transformed with fun and colourful MT Tapes! We decorated items from bottles and jars to toys and colouring books.

London based artist Florence To will be creating unique in-store and window installations in Cass Art’s 6 stores. To develops visual installations focusing on functional designs to allow these structures to fit within diverse spaces. This makes the installation re-usable and able to be repositioned, allowing further developments in creativity within composition. Working with MT Tape, a versatile material from Japan is designed by Kamoi and provided by Mark's, allows To to create a depth of space using simple lines, waves and transparency.

In To’s present work, she creates live motion graphics to work as a second layer, transforming her installations into different forms. The visuals are performed live using projections to generate a rhythm within the environment, creating movements using sound frequencies within the space. Recent collaborations include artists and companies such as Boiler Room, Alex Smoke and Moritz Waldemayer, To continues her practice using craft and new technologies with installations released later this year with Yosi Horikawa and CØV. 

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