Happy Birthday to Adobe Illustrator!

by Cass Art

It would be unfair to leave out one of the most important illustrators of the 21st century, especially on their birthday! Cass Art is celebrating the 27th birthday of Adobe Illustrator, it was today in 1987 that the first box of the genius software was shipped for sale. 

For any graphic design buffs out there, Cass Art stocks a multitude of necessities for sketchbook work before launching into the computer programming. Layout, marker and graph paper, fineliners and pencils tend to be the go to materials for plotting and planning designs ahead of finalizing them digitally. While the colour spectrum is vast and accessed easily in the digital format, it's essential to learn the rules of colour relationships in the real world first - try using Daler & Rowney's colour mixing wheel


If you're an admirer of what can be done with the techniques of Illustrator then it'd be worthwhile to check out Cass Art's range of books exemplifying in practice what can only be made possible with Adobe Illustrator. What makes Illustrator so special is the vector contouring, which means that the images created can never lose quality as they are made up of objects rather than pixels. This is particularly useful for resizing images and logos and for creating a slick line or edge.

The Sensu brush stylus is the crucial tool for the marriage of man and machine, whether it's Adobe Illustrator that you choose to use or another programme. For use on any touch sensitive surface, particularly tablets, this digital brush has been consistently acclaimed as the best of its kind on the market.

For most enthusiasts of digital software, of which the majority of designers will admit to being, it's all well and good to create your masterpiece on screen but there's nothing quite like holding it in your hands. This is where Permajet's range of papers comes in handy. You can choose to print on the basics such as gloss, matt and satin or more exotic finishes like 'oyster' or 'fine art'. With a free downloadable colour matching system (which we recommend you try) and UV fade protection - there's no other product that will make the most of your creation. 

Happy Birthday to Adobe Illustrator! Cass Art celebrates your developing technologies that continually inspire artists and designers alike. 

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Image Credits:

Hokusai Wave recreated on Adobe Illustrator by Luke Spence www.lukespence.com 

Poster & Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator by Don Clarke www.invisiblecreature.com  

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