Happy Saint Patrick's Day

by Cass Art

Traditionally celebrating the death of Patron Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity into Ireland with a grand feast, St Paddy's day is a spring time staple in the calendars of everyone - not just the Irish. Celebrated across the globe with parties, galas and parades (not to mention Guinness!) and most importantly the wearing of the colour green. Here at Cass Art we join the festivities with a hommage to the colour itself.

It's a lesser known fact that the original colour for St Patrick's Day was in fact blue, over the years this has changed and the shades of green we wear to celebrate today are said to mirror the ever-changing greens in the Irish landscape. But is there a specific shade of green that we should be we wearing? Let's find out...

Hooker's Green originates from the botanical artist William Hooker who created it using leaves as a pigment. Nowadays we mix Prussian Blue and Gombage to create this minty hue. Try out the Hooker's Green Liquitex Spray Paint to get involved with the street art scene in Dublin.

Olive Green takes its name, unsurprisingly, from the olive tree. This warm hue has a duller counterpart, Olive Drab which you'll find used for most military and official uniforms. Until the invention of the camouflage pattern, Olive Drab as a solid colour was used for all front-line uniforms. Derwent XL Graphite is a beautiful range of coloured graphites, including a funky olive shade for sketching out the Irish landscape.

Emerald Green is particularly bright with a blueish cast, it's first recorded use as a colour name was in 1598 making it 506 years old and a certified St Patrick's Day colour! Try the Pebeo Fantasy Set, with special Emerald paint, to decorate your St Paddy's Day costume.

Kelly Green too is a certified colour of the holiday, brighter than most shades and as expected follows the popular name of Ireland, Kelly. Use a bottle of Reeves Poster Paint in a similar shade to decorate your banner for the Saint Patrick's celebrations.

The daddy of all greens for Irish festivities is of course Shamrock Green, associated with four leaf clovers and the rich natural land of Ireland, this is the green to be wearing for St Paddy's! Snazaroo has an awesome range of face paint colours for you to choose from to go all out this holiday - but most importantly have the Shamrock Green shade as pride of place in the collection.

Feeling inspired? Cass Art has plenty more art materials to satisfy every shade of green imaginable! Papers and pens to paints and plasticine.

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Image Credits

Lead image: Hookers green watercolour by Winsor and Newton

Martin Creed: Work No. 1138, 2011 Acrylic, enamel, ink, oil and watercolour on canvas

Snazaroo face paint from the Snazarro website

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