How To: Make Decopatch Christmas tree Decorations

by Cass Art

Make your Christmas tree stand out from all the others this year with personalised decorations. You will need:

-          Packs of Decopatch Baubles 

-          Packs of Decopatch Stars

-          Few Decopatch Paper Sheets

-          Bottle of Decopatch Paperpatch Glue / Varnish 

-          Decopatch Nylon Bristle Brush No.30

-          Ribbon

-          Scissors

-          Glitz It Fine Glitter Tubes Traditional Set of 6 3g Assorted Colours

-          Creativity International Glitter

-          Gold and Silver Montana Spray Paint

To follow the traditional decopatch style, cut the decopatch tissue paper into strips and gently apply to the bauble with the really soft brush and decopatch glue. Once the glue is dry the paper will be set, you could even add a ribbon for a festive finish.

Another technique for customising your own Christmas decorations is to use Montana spray paint.

As the colour of the bauble is already quite dark you don’t need to worry about priming the surface first. Simply choose your colour, gold and silver look fantastic, then spray your baubles and stars. It’s best to do this in an outdoor area with good ventilation, and to put some newspaper down before you begin.

For extra sparkle you can add glitter, either totally coating the decorations or creating a design with the glue before you sprinkle it on. Make sure you cover the glue completely in glitter, then shake off the excess when it is all dry. 

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