How To: Make your own Decopatch Star

by Cass Art

The Decopatch Star pack comes with a variety of festive parts to decorate, including tea light holders and stars for the Christmas tree, all in a beautiful box that would be great as a gift or for yourself!

You will need:

Decopatch Star

Decopatch glue

Decopatch brush

Jakar glitter

Reeves glitter glue

Montana silver and gold spray paint 

We began by coating all the elements in the Decopatch Star Kit with a layer of Montana gold or silver spray paint. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area, outdoors. Leave the paint to dry before using any other materials on top.

For the tea lights, spread an even layer of the Decopatch glue on the top side, then shake on the glitter to cover all the glue. Leave to dry and you’ll have some very sparkly decorations that reflect the candlelight beautifully.

The star box itself looks great simply sprayed with the Montana gold spray paint. You can add some ribbon to secure it so it’ll be perfect for giving a special present this Christmas.

You can use Reeve’s glitter glue to write names on the place mark stars, it’s best to pencil your lettering on the place mark before beginning with the glue. Squeeze the tube consistently and angle the handy nozzle so that the glue comes out evenly. 

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