How To: Sketch with Line & Wash

by Cass Art

Cass Art loves Derwent Line & Wash Sketching Set, which includes the full range of materials you need to develop and expand your sketching skills, easily transported wherever your inspiration may take you in a solid silver tin.

Let us introduce you to the team...

Graphite Pencils

The backbone of the kit, this collection of six 4B-2H graphite pencils allow you to create solid lines for the basis of a design. Use a softer pencil to create a dark colour for shading and tone, or a harder, sharper pencil for intricate details.

 Derwent Line and wash set, how to blog by Cass Art

Watersoluble Graphite Pencils

Used with the Derwent Waterbrush, the watersoluble graphite pencils are a real treat. Used dry, the soft, wide core is perfect for loose, free sketches and bold line drawings but add water and you'll bring a totally new dimension to your work. Watch the graphite gently dissolve into subtle tones, adding a softness and charm to any style of drawing. Watersoluble pencils are fantastic for sketchers who might want to try more of a painterly style.

 Derwent Line and wash set, how to blog by Cass Art

Derwent Waterbrush

Neatly designed, the waterbrush does exactly what you might imagine. The barrel holds the water while the tip is a soft brush, one squeeze and you're painting! Don't worry if things get dirty - just continue to squeeze the barrel until the brush tip runs clean again. Perfect for use in museums and on the go, where it's not so easy to carry your water pot with you!

 Derwent Line and wash set, how to blog by Cass Art (eraser guard)

Eraser Shield & Accessories

Also included in the pack is an eraser shield, which allows you to remove areas of graphite for specific highlights. There are a range of shapes designed for curved surfaces and corners, so whatever your choose to sketch, it'll come in handy. Alongside this is an eraser, sharpener and paper stump. Keep your pencils sharp and use paper stump to blend the excess dusty graphite as part of your design. You could even wet the edge of the stump and use it like a sharp pen tip.

 Work by Ian Migroyan using the Line and wash set by Derwent for Cass Art

Feeling inspired?

The Derwent Line and Wash Sketching Set is just the beginning, Derwent has a whole range of amazing materials for you to try, such as the Inktense Printing Set (read our tips here) and of course you'll need the paper too. Try Cass Art's Jumbo Watercolour Pad, 50 pages of high quality 300gsm paper at a fantastic price for you to enjoy.

Check out a short video from Derwent on how they produce their pencils in Cumbria, the only pencil factory left in the UK:

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Image Credits:

Ian Mogriani and Ailish Sullivan

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