How To: Use festive stamps this Christmas

by Cass Art

Keep a theme within your gift wrap and carve your own stamp for a signature look!

You will need:

- Carve a Stamp Kit

- Typewriter Stamp & Ink Set

- Papers of your choice

- Cards and Envelopes 

- Pack of 20 mini pigment inks 

- Ribbon

With our Carve a Stamp Kit you can choose from the templates provided or transfer your own design onto the stamp. Create your own design in pencil then flip it onto the block of lino and rub the paper from the other side and the shape will come through. 

To carve your stamp there are a variety of different blades in the kit, along with recommendations for which one to use depending on your design.

Your stamp design will be complimented by using our Typewriter Stamp & Ink Set, first you need to decide on your message (and check the spelling!) before dipping the stamps into the ink pads.

Press firmly so the stamps face is fully covered, and then begin printing! It might be a good idea to plan out your design first, so you know you have enough space on the surface you’re printing on. 

Once your messages are complete, let the ink dry, complete with some festive ribbon and your beautiful cards and presents are ready to give away!

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