How To Paint With Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Bars

by Cass Art

Winsor & Newton, one of the world's leading brands in paint, continue to bring innovation to the world of art materials.

Here are Cass Art we love the Winsor & Newton Oilbars, which are exactly as they sound: Artists’ Oil Colour in a stick form.

These Oilbars let you paint and draw directly onto a surface, combining the buttery consistency and richness of oil paint with the freedom and direct mark-making of pastels and charcoal. 

These oil sticks have a unique formulation, made by combining pigmends with linseed or safflower oil and blending with specially selected wax. There are 50 colours available and they can be used alone or in collaboration with traditional tube oil paint; oil painting has never been so free!

Watch the Oilbars from Winsor & Newton in action as artists Robert Rost & Lennaert Koorman get painting in a video produced by Monkidoe. Learn how to apply them and get inspired by their properties.


The Oilbar range of 50 colours contains 26 single pigment colours for brilliance of colour and clean colour mixing.

Consistency & Texture

These paint sticks have a unique consistency; when softened and blended, they move freely and are fully intermixable with all Winsor & Newton oil paint ranges as well as with other Oilbar colours. When an oil medium is added, Oilbar handles similarly to traditional tube colour.

Surface Sheen
As each pigment requires different levels of oil in the formulation, the surface sheen of Oilbar may differ slightly from colour to colour. The addition of solvent, as well as the use of additive mediums will also alter the sheen.

Winsor & Newton Oilbars

Feeling inspired?

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