Hunt & Darton Café

by Cass Art

If you take a wander through Hackney you'll find a cafe with an arty twist. Coffee lovers, art enthusiasts, and even just friendly neighbours, are invited to join in this on-going project wherever it pops up and feel at home in the unique and spontaneous environment. Currently in the heart of Hackney Cass Art is happy to share this hidden gem where Art and coffee collide. Hunt & Darton Cafe, is a pop up café and interactive art installation; a social and artistic hub where engagement, spontaneity and performance meet great food and drink. All encompassing hosts Hunt & Darton expose the inner workings of their business by presenting everything as art – from the public display of their bank balance to the lovingly handpicked charity shop crockery. The cafe offers an exciting, artistic aesthetic with live performances popping up throughout each month. Throughout the cafe you will find art commissions, low brow signs, quirky ornaments, rosettes, and large blackboards that expose takings, profit and loss, complaints and covers. Beyond the quirky decor, you might find alternative service from Hunt & Darton themselves (in iconic pineapple outfits, if you’re lucky) or perhaps from one of the many guest artists, who bring Martini readings, radio shows, relationship advice, and even swivel-lympics for you to compete in. Hunt & Darton Café also hosts special events each month including evenings full of music, art, poetry, and performance evenings. The café creates a cultural hub: a place to belong, a place to play. The artists challenge understandings of where art happens and who has access to it, inviting people to experience the art in a familiar café environment. Take a look at their website for more information or drop into the Clapton pop-up and experience it for yourself.

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