Imprimatur: Unbinding the Book

by Cass Art

Blurb has teamed up with Studio Jotta to commission a number of artists to create original books or book installations that will celebrate the art of books, book-making and illustrated story telling. Culminating in an exhibition in September 2014 it’s open internationally to artists and will go on tour to select locations across Europe and North America.

The aim of Imprimatur, which is Latin for “Let it be printed”, proposes to change preconceptions of who can be an author and what a book can be.

Pushing the boundaries of how books can be experienced, selected artists and designers will be challenged to evoke the storytelling properties of print and the way  in which images evoke a narrative, whilst bringing to life the materiality, form and physicality that make books so alluring and different from their digital counterparts.

Within this, they are invited to explore all elements of book production such as, for example, interventions pre and post printing, digital augmentation, and new methods of display whilst considering the sculptural qualities of print.

As put by Andrew Losowsky in 2013:

‘Print has a presence and it has a legacy. It is the role of the artist or designer to understand that, and to push its limitations. And if they don’t, somebody else will.’

Get Involved?

Blurb will lead a series of local events to announce the opening of submissions place in London, New York and San Francisco. These will be a series of lectures providing a platform for eminent speakers to discuss their experiences of book arts. Lectures will be recorded and can be heard on a dedicated Soundcloud stream, which will also feature curated playlists and Q&A’s with Imprimatur contributors.

Following each local event will be a four week opportunity for people to submit their proposal for inclusion in Imprimatur.

The London launch event takes place on 16th April and will provide an evening of talks alongside inspirational installations and film works celebrating the art of books, book-making, and illustrated story telling. Cass Art have 25 tickets to give away, apply online to be in with a chance of getting involved.

Feeling Inspired?

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To hear more about the event visit the Blurb Imprimatur website or follow them on Facebook of Twitter with the hastag #imprimatur.

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