Be Inspired For 2016: Artist Quotes

by Cass Art

Happy New Year to all you art-lovers out there! But what's your New Years Resolution - give up chocolate? Exercise more? Or perhaps it's something to cultivate the creator in you, and if it is, then we whole-heartedly support that resolution.

Here at Cass Art we want to encourage everyone to find the creator, the crafter and the maker in themselves - and as a special 2015 treat, we've put together some inspiring words from some of history's beloved artists to inspire you to get creating this year.

Walt Disney

A creative genius if ever there was one, Walt Disney created the renowned character Mickey Mouse and was the man behind the first full-length animated motion picture ever made. We're all guilty of talking about making changes and acting on ideas, but if's when you start acting on them that the magic really happens.

Henry Moore 

The beloved British sculptor Henry Moore was a prolific artist and creator of organic, rounded forms. He was also an avid sketcher of sheep, people and the English countryside. Believe in art and believe in life - get out there and fuel your creative needs, and you might be surprised at how optimistic and rejuventated you feel. 

Mark Chagall

An early Modernist who excelled in various practices including painting, illustration and tapestry, Marc Chagall was a champion of colour and a pursuer of the reoccuring beauty of nature. (Plus his painting features in the famous British rom-com, Notting Hill. Bravo!) See the world afresh in 2015 and let it inspire your art, just as Chagall did.

Georgia O'Keefe 

The great Georgia O'Keefe has got it right - art gives you a language that cannot be expressed by any other means. Explore form, colour and shape to express yourself, and experiment with different ways of art-making. We've each got a special creative voice and now's the time to find your own.

Gail Devers

So she's not an artist in the creative sense, but Gail Devers was three-time Olympic champion for the USA, and we think artists could learn a lot from her drive and determination. Make that difficult decision to give something a go - pick up a pencil or paintbrush, turn that page of your sketchbook, and dedicate a bit of time to your art, and success will be yours in 2015. 

Feeling inspired? 

Start making and fuelling your creative resolutions in 2015, and shop our sale to stock up on your art supplies. 

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