Jerwood Prize Winners Announced

by Cass Art

Svetlana Fialova has won the Jerwood Drawing Prize for her ink-on-paper work My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care.

The Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design student claimed the £8,000 first prize with German artist Marie von Heyl winning second prize for her video piece, Interior (Utopia), picking up £5,000.

Now in its 19th year, the prize allows all artists to enter – from students to established – with a selection of the best pieces of work going on display at the Jerwood Space in London from tomorrow (September 11th) until October 27th, before touring the UK.

‘Unhealthy amount of Crocs shoes’

Speaking about My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care, Fialova said: “In my practice, I usually get inspired by popular culture, the internet, TV, magazines or urban legends. This work is based more on a personal moment.

“It captures my boyfriend in an apathetic poise, pulling chewing gum out of his mouth. Background scenes including fragments from Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse series, an unhealthy amount of Crocs shoes and the apotheosis of the cats all make a fitting setting for his current mood.”

More than 3,000 people entered this year’s competition. The best drawings will tour around the UK after their Jerwood residency, appearing at venues including Newcastle University’s Hatton Gallery and the Plymouth College of Art.

Still from Marie von Heyl's Interior (Utopia)

Etchings, charcoal, pencil, graphite

This year’s exhibition reflects the heady variety of different approaches to drawing across creative disciplines – think pencil, charcoal, graphite on paper, drawings on textiles, etching, video work and installation. To name a few.

“Some 19 years since the inception of the project, the landscape of drawing has developed, deepened and transformed,” said Professor Anita Taylor, director of the Jerwood Drawing Prize.

“The context for the original development of this exhibition was the debate around the nature, value, status and representation of drawing as a contemporary art form and within art education in the early 1990s.”

Professor Taylor said that the Prize intended to “engender and contribute” to the debate surrounding the role of drawings in society today.

Up to 70 selections from the Jerwood Drawing Prize will be on display at the Jerwood Space until October 27th. The exhibition will then tour to venues across the UK, including, for the first time, the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury Christ Church University in March 2014. Visit the Jerwood Space website for more information and to get inspired for your submission next year...

Cass Art would like to congratulate all of the winners.

Lead image: Svetlana Fialova, Apocalypse (My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care), 2013. Photography Fraser Marr. 
Second image: Marie von Heyl, Interior (Utopia), 2012. Photography Fraser Marr.

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