Last Chance To See - August 2014

by Cass Art

August is not only the last chance to catch the summer sun’s rays, it'is also the final full month to catch some of the finest exhibitions in London before they close.

Make sure you don't miss:

Reflections of War @ Flowers

This leftfield exhibition to mark the centenary of the First World War examines psychological and physical ruination caused by warfare and violence.

Don't miss: Nancy Fouts’ Stretcher - a poignant take on the futility and destructiveness of war.

See it by: Saturday 30th August

British Folk Art @ Tate Britain

This is thought to be the inaugural full-scale exhibition to celebrate folk art in Britain.

Toby jugs, ship figureheads and eccentric shops signs all feature.

Some of the country’s finest unsung artists in this traditional genre are represented in Tate Britain’s idiosyncratic display. 

Perhaps weirdest of all is the cockerel sculpture crafted during the 19th-century Napoleonic Wars. The artists? French prisoners-of-war. The medium? Mutton bones. 

Don't miss: One of the most striking exhibits here is the thatch-crafted, larger-than-life depiction of King Alfred, 

See it by: Sunday 31st August


Henri Matisse’s The Cut-Outs @ Tate Britain

The French modern-art master’s swansong - when he started the innovative medium of carving into colours - is examined here. The Times calls the exhibition “unmissable”.

Don't miss: The greatest amount of Matisse’s Blue Nudes paper collages exhibited under the same roof. 

See it by: Sunday 7th September

Read about Cass Art's private tour and exclusive interview with the curator here


Making Colour @ The National Gallery

Where would we be without colour? The departure from a monochrome world is mapped here, from crushed insects to sparkling minerals. Visitors may be stunned at some of the materials used for pigments across the centuries. The impressionist and renaissance movements are both featured alongside mediums such as textiles, paintings, glass and ceramics. The secret of how colour is made for creative purposes will never be a mystery again in this journey through verdigris, cobalt blue, lapis lazuli (blue) and green viridian. The exhibition also educates on how we register and perceive different hues.

Don't miss: A room devoted to silver and gold designed to dazzle.

See it by: Sunday 7th September

Image Credit:

Henri Matisse, Memory of Oceania 1952-3 

Digital image: © 2013. The Museum of Modern Art, New York / Scala Florence
Artwork: © Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2014


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