Last Chance To See - September 2014

by Cass Art

September art exhibitions are drawing to close - so make sure you see some of the starts of the season before they're gone.

Here’s a few of our recommendations:

BP Portrait Award @ National Gallery

Another year has showcased the most talented portraiture artists among us. This year was the 25th anniversary of the portrait exhibition, and it does not disappoint. The show features a range of sensitive new takes on portraits against some more classic choices - but go and see it yourself to decide on your favourite.

See it by: Sunday 21st September 

John Williams, BP Portrait Award artist
Edward Lucie-Smith, John Williams 

Shelagh Wakely @ Camden Arts Centre

Wakely was transfixed by the tension between empty spaces and obstacles. Her work was described as delicate, appealing and attractive. The Cambridgeshire-born artist, who died in 2011, was hailed as an experimental artist whose creations encompassed design and architecture.

Our pick: Desiccated pears, pineapples and clementines rot away to near nothingness while the wire frame they are encased in stay intact. 

See it by: Sunday 28th September

Abstract America Today @ Saatchi Gallery

Some of the best US abstract artists around are exhibiting their works at the Saatchi. These include Ivan Morley, Brent Wadden, Keltie Ferris and Trudy Benson. Lisa Anne Auerbach, Wyatt Kahn, Paul Bloodgood, Jackie Saccoccio and Cullen Washington Junior are also at this celebration.

See it by: Sunday 28th September 

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