Past offer: Limited edition Le Franc Artists' Oil set

by Cass Art

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Lefranc Artists' Oil set is now available at Cass Art stores this month as a special limited edition to help you invigorate and revive your colour palettes.  The set comprises of twelve colours pigmented to maximum strength so you too can paint your Manet-inspired pieces. Lefranc & Bourgeois was the favoured artists' colour throughout the 19th century in France which suggests that it may have been used by Manet himself. Fast forward to the present day and the oils are still just as popular which is a great endorsement of its colours and pigment quality. Artists can blend the oils with great ease to achieve more subtle colours with a wider range and greater richness. The remarkable intensity of the tint means you can create longer lasting works.   Lefranc & Bourgeois Artists' Oil Colour Set 12 x 20ml £29.95. RRP £57.50 For more product information visit a store near you.

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