#StudentSpotlight: Loughborough University Degree Show 2015

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Continuing with our Student Spotlight season, Cass Art Student Ambassador Jay Kutin, who is based in the midlands at Loughborough University, visited the final year degree show for the Visual Communication courses.

Read on for a glimpse into what was on show! 

This month, Loughborough University opened its School of Arts for the Graphic Communication and Illustration Final Year Degree show titled ‘Raw’ –

“It’s not just about sitting behind a screen or doodling all day long; it’s getting out there, finding stuff out, experimenting and making a mess. In the end, the result is something quite beautiful." 

Being a member of the school myself, it was enjoyable to view my fellow student’s interests and aspirations through their project work.

The evening started off with a presentation that introduced the degree show and highlighted particular students who had been awarded prizes for various contributions. The show took place in a united exhibition space of the Graphic Communication and Illustration students who share the studio.

Deepesh Patel

For the narrative work, Deepesh created a storyboard, gathered reference photos and drew out each scene in pencil then scanned the drawings into Photoshop for editing. He plans to take one of his illustrations further by animating it.

Specialism: “Narrative illustration/storytelling”

Deepesh Patel

Behance.net/DeepeshPatel, deepeshpatel.illustration@gmail.com

Laura Nichol

Laura spent a few days researching projects of similar intention by looking at existing pieces from illustrators and browsing Pinterest and Instagram as well as children's work. For the most part, her work is handmade i.e. collages or she often layers line work on top of her collages, using fine liners, then edits them digitally. Laura plans to hopefully take her globe project further by approaching the charity she used for it to see whether they would be interested in an advertisement idea.

Specialism: “Editorial illustration; potentially controversial subject matters whilst using bright, fun imagery.”

Laura nichol

@LNIllustration, lauranicholillustration@gmail.com

Stephanie Joshi

Stephanie constructed plenty of brainstorming and research, drew her project out and then scanned it into Photoshop. For the work she displayed, it was all created using watercolour pencils and crayons. She explained that she has quite a lot of ideas but specifically intends to take the story she displayed further by making it about 500 pages rather than 32.

Specialism: “Quirky, illustrative drawings”

Stephanie Joshi

Behance.net/Stephanie_joshi, stephaniejoshiillustrates@hotmail.com

Sarah Dunning

Sarah researched around the brief whilst creating a mind map of ideas and rough sketches. She then experimented with her favourites using composition, typography and characters. Finally she scanned them into Photoshop and worked over them using a graphics tablet. Sarah hopes to ideally continue to illustrate children's books.

Specialism: “Combined digital and analogue media”

Sarah Dunning

www.sarahdunningillustration.com, sarahdunning93@gmail.com

Looking at the exhibition on a whole, it is evident how much each individual’s personality and interests influence their work but also promote practicality. Concepts and originality were strong and it was exciting to be invited into their own ventures of the creative field. The exhibition displayed not only creativity, but also entrepreneurship.

Feeling inspired? 

You can find all of the finalist’s work here.

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