Past event: Get Love for Lomography

by Cass Art

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The art of analogue is very much in vogue in 2013. As part of our Student Day at our flagship Islington store next week, students will be able to shop with 15% discount off everything, including the highly sought after Lomography cameras.

Our in-house expert is Mia Hodgson, who has led lomography workshops in our stores and uses the cameras for both business and pleasure. Here, Mia gives us a guide to starting out and why you should join the lomography lovers:

'If I had to describe Lomography in 3 words it would be Easy, Unpredictable and Rewarding. With Instagram trying to replicate the vignetting you get naturally with lomography, the series of cameras take your standard film camera and give you a more interesting, playful and bang-on-trend tool for brilliantly different pictures for all under £100.

The cameras themselves are incredibly light weight, no need to cart heavy lenses around with you. I use it for everything. Professionally, for dynamic event photography at gigs and exhibition openings and for experimenting daily in my own time. The camera that put Lomography back on the map is the Diana F+. It's a 1950s Russian camera that's been replicated. I love this camera, I started with this one. It's an intense beginners experience because it's fully manual. 

My recommended beginners camera is La Sardina. It gets its name as it is the size of an old sardine can! It's a semi-automatic, so although it doesn't make all your decisions for you, it does hold your hand so you don't waste lots of film. It's also got a beautiful, unique wide angle lense. This doesn't alter the shape of the developed photos, but it gives you all the more information per shot.

La Sardina

The standard buld flash available at Cass Art comes with six different colour gels. It has the power and colour intensity and vibrancy to hunt out all detail and splash it with colour. Well worth experimenting with. Lomography cameras come with a hot show adaption too, which allows you to use all kinds of flashes with them.

Lomography takes the concept of film photography and opens it up to everyone - all abilities, uses and situations.'

Lomography cameras are available exclusively at our flagship Islington store. For more information about our Student Day see our Sneak Peek blog post. With thanks to Mia who has been busy getting those goodie bags ready this week...

Mia Hodgson setting up for Student Day

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