Unleash Your Gruesome Gremlin this Friday the 13th

by Cass Art

Don't expose him to bright light.

Don't ever get him wet.

And don't ever, ever feed him after midnight.

If you’ve ever seen the 1984 film Gremlins, you’ll know all too well what happens if these three rules are ignored. If you haven’t, not to worry. We’re talking about gremlins – those little furry things that look really cute until they break bad and start causing all manner of hullaballoo.

Now, while it’s unlikely that you’ll ever come into possession of a gremlin, today is Friday the 13th – only the unluckiest day of the year! So who knows? You might find a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters running amok all over your neighbourhood. And you don’t want that.

So down to business. We’ve already taken a sock and turned it into a truly frightening monster. And we were thinking of something creative we could do for a Friday 13th party. So, with the unluckiest day of the year upon us, why not grab some fruit and turn it into a ghoulish mogwai? If you’re holding a Friday the 13th get-together tonight and have some fruit lying about in the fridge, why not get hold of some craft materials and fashion yourself a little gremlin monster to scare your pals?

Passion fruit gremlin

You’ll need

Two passion fruits

A teaspoon

craft knife

Some decorative craft pieces – think fabric pensglittertape

Get started

Slice the top off both of your passion fruits, making sure the hole is slightly wider than a teaspoon. Remove the tops and put it to one side.

Eat the contents of the passion fruits. That's two of your five-a-day in the bag.

Put one of the empty passion fruits on a firm surface. Cut tiny 'V-shapes' on either side of the hole, to make a better mouth.

Above the mouth, make the eyes. To do this, stick the point of your sharp knife into the skin and twist it like a screw driver. Do the same for the second eye.

Above the eyes, make two slits in the flesh, both a couple of mm wide.

Take the two passion fruit tops and push them into the two slits.

Slice a tiny bit off the underside of the passionfruit gremlin (the bit that is in contact with the table). This will make a flat surface to ensure the gremlin doesn't roll about.

Finally, decorate your beast with some craft materials – give it some frightening eyes or a malevolent cape! 

Here’s one we made earlier…

A Gruesome Gremlin by Cass ArtAnd remember those three golden rules!

With thanks to our friend, William Roberts for making the Gremlin at lunchtime. He is also a writer, you can follow him on Twitter

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