#MakeXmas - Our Mission

by Cass Art

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You may have spotted our golden penguin pals in store and wondered what's behind MAKE XMAS. We're on a mission to fill Christmas with creativity, and with over 1,200 lines added to the website last week we hope to deliver all the tools you need direct to your door.

The Cass Art MAKE XMAS call is simple; make something this Christmas. The campaign’s mascot is a gold penguin. “Our penguin runs through everything we do this Christmas” says Cass Art founder Mark Cass, “even making up the snowflakes in our windows. We want you to try art this Christmas, and let art make your Christmas season”.

Artists of all ages have the opportunity to have their work publically shown on the website. Simply upload your work to our Twitter or Instagram pages using the hashtags #CASSART #MAKEXMAS

Cass Art Make Xmas Penguins

How to make your own gold penguin:

You'll need one gorgeous large decopatch penguin and a can of Montana spray paint in Gold Chrome. Our penguins are also available in Medium, Small and Very Small should you wish to make a colony.

As the penguin is already a colour that will let the gold shine you do not need to prep a layer of primer before spraying the penguin gold.

Always work outside with Montana spray paint and use a mask. Cover the surface you are working on with cardboard or newspapers.

Lay your penguin down on its side first, shake the spray paint can and spray the bottom of the penguin's feet from 20cm away. After 15 minutes you can stand the penguin up and spray the rest of it.

Wait for this layer of gold to dry for 20-30 minutes and repeat the steps above to ensure all areas are covered including under the wings and lesser covered patches from your first coat. Two coatings of Montana spray paint are enough for a truly sparking penguin.

Cass Art Glitter Penguin

How to make a silver & glitter penguin:

If you would like your house to be filled with silver and glitter penguins instead then be sure to take home a medium-sized penguin, 1 can of Montana spray paint in Silver Chrome, a pot of silver Creativity International Glitter, a bottle of decopatch glue and a decopatch nylon bristle brush.

Spray the penguin silver using the steps in 'How to make your own gold penguin', applying two coats of the Montana Chrome Silver paint. Once dry cover the beak, chest and any other areas you wish to glitter with glue. Gently sprinkle the glitter on top of the glue and leave to dry.

Upload images of what you make this Christmas, whether it's penguins or presents, to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #CASSART #MAKEXMAS to feature on our website homepage.

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