Make your Mark with the National Saturday Club

by Cass Art

Our friends at the National Saturday Club have been sharing wonderful projects as resource to support creativity at home during the past few months. We're thrilled to share a few of these projects with our community- this is the first, get ready to Make Your Mark! 

Make your mark and free your expression. Take a moment to let yourself run with the pencil, charcoal, pastel, whichever you choose, there are no restrictions!

Don’t forget to share your drawings or post online and tag @Cassart1984 @natsatclub and @raveoutreach


Practice makes perfect – the more you spend time drawing the more you will develop your own skill and style. However, sometimes simply drawing what you see can feel dull, this challenge asks you to approach drawing more freely by getting you to draw in a number of different ways.

The challenge is to create work without worrying too much about accuracy and realistic proportions, rather an emotional/sensory response to what you are looking at – the results will surprise you and hopefully you will have fun doing them.

What you need

Discover the Make your Mark activity today


How Cass Art supports the National Saturday Club

Cass Art will donate 5% of every purchase made with our Viridian Card scheme to a charitable organisation that supports art education.

We currently support the National Saturday Club which gives 13-16 year olds the opportunity to study Art & Design for free every Saturday at their local university or college with professional designers, artists and architects.


Shop online for everything you'll need. Don't forget to hashtag #cassart on social media to show us your creations.

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