Mould-breaker Creed enjoys first Retrospective

by Cass Art

In an age of homogeny, Martin Creed breaks the mould.
That's one of the reasons London's Hayward Gallery is staging the first career retrospective of the Turner prize-winning artist's work next year.
Wakefield-born Creed won the award in 2001 for a fallow room in which the lights turned on and off.
Creed has also summoned pieces out of blobs of Blu-Tack, broccoli and balloons.
No person or place, it seems, is safe from his art's grasp.
Martin Creed
Creed audaciously got the then culture secretary Jeremy Hunt to participate in a filmed handbell ringing exercise as part of his London Olympics celebratory work last year.
Even the toilets won't escape. Creed, who has previously filmed people vomiting and defecating, might include Work No 168 (all his pieces are numbered, as composers number music): a stack of ceramic tiles placed in a lavatory.
Portraits Creed has created while blindfolded are among his recent works which will go on display.
Globally recognised for his conceptually-driven work, all-rounder Creed transcends all artistic media. His work metamorphoses everyday materials and actions into surprising meditations on existence and the unseen structures that shape our lives.
As if that's not enough, Creed also composes music. He has been commissioned to pen a new work for the Royal Festival Hall organ, and his ballet will be staged at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. 
Born in 1968, Creed recently told the Guardian: “Making work free from bullshit is a fight against yourself and often against other people.”
Hayward curator Cliff Lauson is licking his lips at the prospect of Creed's inaugural retrospective.
He said the gallery would be “bursting at the seams” with Creed's work and even spill over into the neighbouring venues at Southbank Centre.
Lauson said: “The show will be dramatic - a visual and aural cacophony. It will be tremendously dynamic.”
Martin Creed, Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Belvedere, January 29 to May 5, 2014. Tickets £11. It includes works containing nudity and adult content. 
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