Student Spotlight: A November Exhibition Evenings

by Cass Art

Is it that time again? Another Exhibition Evenings has come and gone with a whirlwind of student talent to go with it! As we approach the darkest depths of winter, what else would you rather be doing than soaking up colourful creativity fresh from undergraduate artist scene?

Students from across London gather together with HTB students to present a collection of works each month at House Gallery Camberwell. Taking part couldn’t be easier: simply submit your work via email to Exhibition Evenings and they’ll contact you for the following month’s exhibition. Oh, and it’s free!

Without further ado, let’s get on with November’s chosen creatives…

Emma Day Fine Art Student 

Fine Art second year student at Central Saint Martins, Emma Day's work extends an intriguing invitation to viewers to explore the animals that relate to their own human selves. Following small paper signs throughout House gallery, the audience are gradually led into a smaller room, where the narrative concludes. Emma uses animals and their relationship to humans to express thoughts on everyday encounters and decision making. Her furry friend of choice for November’s Exhibition Evening? A city fox. Emma’s encourages her audience to react to her work even interpreting it as a personal adventure or game - ‘Remember you are an animal. Follow your natural instinct’.

Lucy Crump, who featured in May’s Exhibition Evenings, has been hard at work with plenty more to show. Continuing her theme of video installations, although she dabbles in a whole range of mixed media, this final year Kingston Fine Art student Lucy’s work is influenced by documentary, the everyday, the forgotten and the unseen. She’s inspired by real life situations: overhearing conversations and observing actions. Her use of colour and carefully crafted footage will keep you absorbed until you become a part of her experimental and intriguing artwork. Video piece, 'Peeping Tom' loops endlessly and silently, inviting the viewers’ participation and interpretation, experimenting as two becoming one. As with everyone who takes part in Exhibition Evenings, Lucy is a diligent and driven creative worth checking out.

Radoslav Topalov's chalk and charcoal drawing
Radoslav Topalov's work is exquisite, there’s no two ways about it. Using white chalk and black charcoal, his poignant detailing is best showcased in high contrast figurative drawings. Studying at the London Atelier of Representational Art, Radoslav’s work encompasses elegance and power, his work is definitely worth your attention. On show were three classical cast studies, following his current interest in representational art and providing viewers with a refreshing nod to humanistic art.

Second year student of Photography at London College of Communication, Anne Erhard showcases a delectable range of her imagery taken on a variety of film cameras, both 35mm and medium format. Her forthright approach to capturing images portrays the world with an unapologetic hue, these images are real, and it’s hard not to be captivated by such work which is relatable and genuine. Her first piece, 'Shine forth' deals with ideas of knowledge, wisdom, circles, cycles as well as reflection and refraction. Following this, 'Ohne Titel' is an ongoing exploration of space and place and photography's ability to extend, multiply, re-arrange and re-connect the world as we first physically and privately experience it. Other areas Anne works in are zines and prints – we recommend you take a peek at her full portfolio!

Anne Photography 

View the full works of student artists on their personal sites: Anne, Lucy, Emma and stay tuned for more talent from Exhibition Evenings next month!

Feeling inspired?

Submit your work to be part of the next Exhibition Evenings on email (remember it’s totally free!) and check out some of the previous student artist works from the Cass Art blog.

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