Past event: World Launch of Orange Lake Deep

by Cass Art

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From Saturday 12th October 2013, our new Orange Lake Deep canvas tote will be available exclusively in store. The Cass Art canvas tote has always increased an awareness of the colour itself, and not just the art it ultimately creates. This week, we show you three of the artworks created with our new favourite colour...but can you link them back to the artist and the picture title on the bag?

Buy your bag to match them up and either list your guesses in our comment section below, or post them Twitter using the #OrangeLakeDeep #backtothebag

#OrangeLakeDeep link Back to the Bag 1

#OrangeLakeDeep link Back to the Bag 2

#OrangeLakeDeep link Back to the Bag 3

Orange Lake Deep is a semi-opaque deep orange, formulated from a combination of the pigments arylamide yellow and bon arylamide red - both discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, producing a lightfast, fiery orange.

Read more about the Cass Art canvas tote and an interview with Mark Cass here. The Orange Lake Deep bag is only available in Cass Art shops. Find your nearest store.

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